Covid-19 safety at BDC...

We are taking the following precautions to keep all of our dancers safe: 


Our community's health and safety is the number one priority for us here at BDC. As an affiliated dance studio, we follow the More Than Just Great Dancing Safer Studio™ guidelines and standards.

Health is not just about avoiding sickness. It's also about building strong bodies, minds, and hearts - something that happens in each and every class at BDC!


The response to our planning and communication has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to our BDC Family for working together to minimize risk, keep our staff and students safe and keeping our studio operational. We continue to follow the highest standards of care and ask you to do the same! 

We prioritize safety and wellness measures including:

  • Wellness checks daily for all staff.

  • Frequent hand hygiene - there are sanitizing stations at every entrance and in every room. Each students temperature will be taken upon arrival for class.

  • Class Capacity: limited availability in each class to allow for proper distancing, spots will be marked on the floor for dancers to stay spread apart.

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the studio. 

  • Minimizing mixing and mingling via social distancing practices - separate entrances will be used for each classroom.

  • Lobby should be used for parents with dancers under the age of 6 or for payment/question needs only at our reception desk.

  • BDC will communicate with the Macomb County Covid Line to be sure we are using the very best practices to keep our dancers safe.

  • Discontinued until further notice: Drinking fountains, vending machines and locker cubbies.  Dancers belongings will come with them in the dance room.

You can register by phone or in person!  Leave us a message with your name and number and we'll call you back to

take your phone registration! 

Or register in person on Thursday's between 4:30 and 6:30PM