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Classes we offer...


Have your little ones first dance experience be a positive one! This half hour class combines stretches, basic steps, sing-a-longs, imagination games and teaching aids for an enjoyable introduction to Ballet and Dance.


(IE: Ballet/Tap, Tap/Jazz, etc.)

We offer various styles of combo classes spending about 20-25 minutes on each style every week. It is a great way for dancers to try more then one style of dance all in one class.


Hip Hop is the MTV of all dance classes. This funky, upbeat class will concentrate on the newest hip-hop and street styles to the latest (age appropriate) music. Your dancer will definitely develop their own style through combinations and jam sessions in class.


NOTE: Must have previously had ballet and have teacher approval.​

Pointe is a continuation for serious Ballet dancers. Dancers must have proper alignment and a very strong technical ability to be considered for Pointe training.


These classes are for more serious dancers who want to further their dance technique. It is a leaps and turns style class concentrating on the stretch and strength needed to do the harder leaps and turns. (inquire about days and times)


Acro/Gymnastics combines dance technique with acrobatic/gymnastic elements.

It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.


This young class incorporates all the fun and funky age appropriate moves of Hip Hop to fast fun music.


Tap will teach your dancer rhythm and coordination while learning basic tap steps and combinations. They wil learn musicality, timing and tempo.


Lyrical combines the grace of Ballet with the strength and style of Jazz to tell a story through movement and song. This class will concentrate on strength, flexibility, balance and expression through movement.


Jazz is an up-tempo, fun-filled class that will concentrate on coordination with faster movements. This class will help with flexibility, balance and strength with stretching in the beginning to progressions across the floor. Students will then learn to put them all together in a combination. Includes Leaps, jumps and turns.


Ballet is the core of all styles of dance. Your dancer will learn grace, poise, balance, strength, terminology and discipline by working at the barre and taking part in floor work. Ballet is key in increasing flexibility, concentration and correct technique all of which are critical to dance and overall fitness. Inquire for a more serious, twice a week Ballet training.

Pom Dance combines jazz, hip hop and cheer. This dance style uses pom poms and incorporates sharp and percise movements promoting strength and flexibility.


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