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Want to try out for our Performing Company?

BDC’s Performing Company is intended for those students that would like to make a more serious commitment to Dance. Your Dancer should demonstrate the talent and ability for a more serious study in Dance with athletic ability, flexibility, musicality and strong coordination skills and most important, Passion.

The dedication of Company is very similar to any other team sport. Company Members are required to compete in 3-4 Dance Competitions every year, conventions as well as a National Competition every other Summer. This allows the Dancers to be able to perform more than just recital.

Company members practice and rehearse 1, 2 and sometimes 3 to 4 days a week for the older and/or more advanced levels.

We concentrate on the importance of correct Technique and push the dancers artistically. Our Team has rightfully earned several Top Overalls, Spirit and Judges awards as well as Top Choreography and Top Studio awards!

BDC’s Company can be very time consuming. Being involved with outgoing, hardworking Dancers gives these kids the opportunity to learn discipline, time management, dedication and goal setting, all by doing something love…Dancing!

These Company Dancers develop long lasting friendships and positive memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. BDC strives on making our TEAM a family, both parents and dancers!

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